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Journal of International Women's Studies

Special Issue of Journal of International Women's Studies

*Volumes: New Insights on the Gendered Construction of Space(s)*

From prisons to temples, red-light districts to office parks, malls to street markets, toilets to tea gardens, space reflects and reproduces power relations. This special issue of the JIWS seeks to examine the topic of gendered constructions of space(s). How does space structure our understanding of gender? How does it participate in cultural constructions of race, class, and sexuality? What are the political and economic dimensions of the spaces that we construct and that construct us?

We seek scholarly and creative articles, essays, poetry, book reviews, and photography that explore space from a range of perspectives, adopting space as a critical framework for understanding power relations, and exploring spatial relations in terms of gender, sexuality, race, and class.

A range of spaces may be considered: public and private, international and domestic, centrist and border, accounted for and overlooked. We invite a closer look at privileged, partitioned, zoned, contemplative, glamorous, grotesque and resistant spaces.

Submissions should be directed to the special issue editor. All submissions, except for book reviews, must be received via electronic file no later than 15 November 2004.

Valerie Begley
Special Issue Editor

Submissions for book reviews should be directed to the Book Review Editor. All submissions must be received via electronic file no later than 15 January 2005.

Suzanne Baker
Book Review Editor

Questions about submissions can be directed also to the associate editors:

Ranjini L Thaver
Associate Editor

Olga Gershenson
Associate Editor

We look forward to your submissions.

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