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RSA 2011 Institute - Acceptances Letters Sent

We are pleased to report that acceptance letters for the 2011 RSA Institute were sent out over the weekend, along with letters to those who were not accepted and those who were placed on wait lists or who designated on their application form that they would consider alternative sessions. 

We had many more applications that seats—close to 500 requests for 300 seats—and we regret not being able to accommodate more people.  We designed the Institute for 20-person seminars and 10-person workshops, and many of the sessions leaders expanded their capacity in relation to the demand for their session.  For this we owe them many thanks.  

Included in all letters was a link to the UCB Institute web page, which we share with everyone:

Any questions about its content can be sent to Jennifer Malkowski, Assistant Director (  Some of the session leaders may eventually post their session documents and readings for the benefit of all.


 We are still tinkering with the registration link for those accepted, but let us report here that people can only register for the sessions that accept them.  Please do not try to register or pay for other sessions, as we will be cross checking your registration with the list of accepted attendees. 

Scholarships of $300 were awarded to seminar participants only, if they requested them, and they were notified as such.  We wish we had funding for travel support for the weekend workshops but the demand, expectedly, outstripped our budget.  

Finally the Institute will end up serving roughly 25% on the RSA family and it will invite new members to our fold.  As we long expected, the Institute expresses our need to embrace our venerable traditions while expanding our horizons to new signs and sites for rhetorical practice. 

Jeanne Fahnestock, Co-director

John Ackerman, Co-director & Local Host

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