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RSA - Final Conference Schedule Now Ready for Inspection

 Absolutely Final Conference Schedule Now Ready for Inspection

I'm pleased to announce that the final program for our Minneapolis Conference has been sent to production and is now ready for your inspection.  This Announcement deserves a few minutes of your time now in order to ensure that all goes smoothly later.

If you click HERE, you will be transported once again to the program schedule. Use the Find function once again to look for your specific session, or scroll through the entire program-as you wish. Look carefully:  I have made more than a few changes in the schedule since I sent the previous announcement (most in response to your requests for corrections but some in order to rectify conflicts). Do check once again to confirm the time when your presentation has been scheduled.  Pay attention as well in case you have been assigned to chair a session.  

I remind you again that the typical session at RSA includes four or five papers for a 90-minute period, not three papers in 75 minutes.  (A very few panels include six presenters.)  Be sure to adjust accordingly: You should expect typical panel presentations to last 10-12 minutes (for 6-person panels); 12-15 minutes (for 5-person sessions), and 15-20 minutes (for 4-person sessions). Please plan your presentation to be respectful of time constraints for your whole group.  Use handouts to save time and enliven presentations, and be sure that there is time for comments, questions, and other audience involvement in your session.  

As I expected, it has proven to be prohibitively expensive to provide much in the way of A/V equipment.  I regret this situation, but frankly, you wouldn't believe how expensive it is.  Providing equipment in our meeting rooms would break our budget and make it impossible to provide other amenities.  It is simply not worth the cost when relatively few panels really request A/V materials.  Consequently, I have arranged for an 8' screen and an LCD projector ONLY on Friday afternoon and Saturday (not at all on Sunday and Monday) and ONLY in two meeting rooms:  Lake Calhoun and Lake Nokomis.  If you are assigned to those rooms at those times, you are in luck.  If you are not so lucky, I'm afraid that you will have to plan on providing handouts to support your presentation.  

Wireless is available for a modest fee in hotel rooms and is available for free in the hotel's common areas, but not in meeting rooms.  

On a more positive note, you'll notice that the conference schedule provides for a considerable amount of fun.  Plan to attend the receptions on Friday and Saturday evening, our conference luncheon on Sunday (we've been able to expand the number of available places for lunch), and a special graduate student business meeting and reception on Sunday evening.  An exciting group of SuperSessions has been arranged for Saturday afternoon, and our local hosts at the University of Minnesota are arranging for all kinds of special touches! More details on all these events will be coming to you between now and conference time.

I understand that there are still a few rooms available in our conference hotel room blocs.  Call now to secure a room if you haven't already done so.  The RSA Web site,, has the information you need.

See you in Minneapolis in about 30 days!

Jack Selzer, Conference Director

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