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RSA Award Nominations

Dear Colleagues,

The Rhetoric Society of America will present seven awards to members when we gather in Portland at the 2020 Conference: the RSA Book Award, the RSA Dissertation Award, the Fellows’ Early Career Award, the Cheryl Geisler Award for Outstanding Mentor, the George E. Yoos Award, the Charles Kneupper Award, and the Outstanding Student Chapter Award. We will also name  new RSA Fellows. This email invites nominations for the first five of those awards and for new RSA Fellows. The Kneupper Award and Outstanding Student Chapter Award are handled separately.

In issuing this call for nominations, the RSA Awards committee encourages you to reflect on the scholars and mentors who have inspired you, brought new perspectives to bear on rhetorical studies, and/or shaped our shared field. We ask you to consider the breadth and diversity of rhetorical studies and bring attention not only to familiar names but also to those whose good work might have gone unrecognized thus far. The RSA Awards allow us to celebrate the best and the breadth of our field. We hope that you will participate in the process. Please know that self-nominations are welcome.

To learn more about RSA Awards and requirements for nominations, please visit the RSA Awards website. In order to be considered for an award, nominees must be current members of the Rhetoric Society of America.

If you are ready to submit a nomination, please select the appropriate link below.

Book Award

Dissertation Award

Fellows’ Early Career Award

Cheryl Geisler Award for Outstanding Mentor

George E. Yoos Award

RSA Fellows

If you have questions about RSA Awards or the nomination process, please email me at

Christa Olson, Chair of the RSA Awards Steering Committee

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