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RSA Conference ... Guide to Memphis

12th Biennial Conference
The Peabody Hotel Memphis, Tennessee
26-29 May 2006

Welcome to Memphis! We hope you enjoy your stay here, and when you are not busy presenting or listening to papers, you will want to see something of the city and enjoy the food and music that it offers. Some of us in the Department of Communication have put together a guide to restaurants and musical venues in and around the downtown area.

CLICK HERE to view the guide.

Many restaurants are located close to the Peabody,including some of the very best fine dining in the Mid South region. We especially recommend Chez Philippe (in the hotel) and Felicia Suzanne, Automatic Slim, and LoLo's Table in easy walking distance. For more informal fare, Huey's located just across from the Peabody is generally regarded as the best burger joint in town. Caf 61, next to Huey's, has great sandwiches and other goodies. Gus' Fried Chicken is farther away but it is really special. worth a long walk or a short trolley ride. (If you go to Gus, you'll have to plan to spend some time there. It is not fast food, since the chicken is fried when your order is taken; plan about 20 minutes before it gets to your table, and you'll also probably have to wait to get a table if you arrive at the lunch hour). And you should be sure to sample the barbecue. The Rendezvous, just around the corner from the Peabody, is one of the most venerable barbeque places in Memphis, and some still think it the best. Corky's another Memphis institution is located nearby in Peabody Place, and if you have a car or don't mind about a fifteen minute cab ride, the Barbeque Shop and Central Barbeque are favorites of the folks from the University. (Both places will be very busy on weekend evenings).

The music guide comes courtesy of Tony de Valesco and Pat Mazeo. Tony is a new member of our faculty, and Pat came to town with another new member of our faculty, Sandy Sarkela (his wife). While both are new to Memphis, they have already mastered the music scene.

Finally, please take note of the Art Trolley Tour on Friday. (It comes at the end of our guide.) If you have some free time Friday evening, you'll enjoy the ride and the art.

Best wishes for a great weekend with RSA in Memphis.


Mike Leff
Local Arrangements Chair

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