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With the current issue (40:4), RSQ is pleased to announce an experimental enhancement to our publication of visual images. Since many of the images our authors want to include have color or fine detail that does not reproduce well in print, we are testing the use of the RSA website to make available full-color, high-resolution versions of images, when appropriate permissions can be obtained.

Our first test is the article by Ekaterina V. Haskins and James P. Zappen, ‘‘Totalitarian Visual ‘Monologue’: Reading Soviet Posters with Bakhtin’’ which includes nine images of Soviet-era posters. The color versions are available at the RSQ link on the RSA site, under the abstract for this article. Totalitarian Visual ‘Monologue’: Reading Soviet Posters with Bakhtin abstract link

I welcome your comments about this form of image publication. 

Carolyn Miller

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