Economic Stress on the Non-Profits

By David Scott

As 2009 draws to a close, the vital need for career services is still at extreme levels, with economic challenges hitting both the career development practitioner and the client.  Undoubtedly some services and resources declined but hopefully new ideas in response to the challenge arose.  Was your agency or service lucky to achieve success with a new endeavor?  Did your program miraculously survive due to special effort? What new idea can you share with other practitioners that might make 2010 a better year for all?

Dr. David Scott, Career Convergence's Non-Profit Associate Editor, invites new submissions to the Non-Profit department in the areas of community/agency, pastoral/religious, rehabilitation, and association/foundation.  Please email him at dscott2@clemson.edu.  Complete Submission Guidelines are online.

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David ScottDr. David Scott, LPC, CDFI
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program Coordinator
Clemson University
Email: dscott2@clemson.edu   



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