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ECA 2019 Convention - Political Communication Interest Group Reminders

Hey fellow ECA Political Communication Interest Group Members:

I am hoping to see all of you at the upcoming ECA Conference in Providence. 

That conference will host a number of programs/panels/meetings/events connected to the Political Communication Interest Group.  PLEASE CLICK HERE to access a brief flyer that outlines some of the events on the ECA program that are connected to our Interest Group. 

CLICK HERE to access a second flyer for ECA's Wine and Spots Event.  Please disseminate that flyer widely as we are hoping to have a great crowd at that event (Katherine has told me we are going to have some really good food at Wine and Spots) and Colin has told me he has a very entertaining Wine and Spots presentation for all of us, which should lead to some great discussion. 

Travel safely to Providence,


David G. Levasseur, Ph.D.
Department of Communication and Media
231 Wayne Hall
West Chester University

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